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Manufacturers move to cloud computing to save time and money

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SaaS solutions such as JDA Planning on Demand are being adopted by manufacturers who see the appeal of cloud computing in delivering faster time-to-value and lower cost of ownership.

The economic downturn has increased the interest in cloud computing because manufacturers no longer have the luxury of lengthy implementations and face tighter budget restrictions, leading them to seek more efficient solutions and resulting in more business applications moving into the cloud.  

Cloud computing has become a proven delivery model for small- and medium-sized companies as well as larger enterprises seeking faster results with less technical and financial investment.  

Manufacturers in particular, see the value that non-intrusive supply chain planning tools and analytics can provide in terms of profitability and a fast ROI. With constrained consumer spending driving the need for more reliable forecasts and optimised production plans, cloud computing provides manufacturers with new ways to leverage the benefits of supply chain planning applications without the traditional investment.  

Quantifiable cloud metrics  

Using products such as JDA Planning on Demand provides manufacturers with access to world-class supply, demand and inventory planning capabilities in an extremely rapid time frame of less than three months as opposed to a year-long implementation.  

By creating integrated, end-to-end supply chain plans, manufacturers can more efficiently satisfy customer demand, while improving overall profitability through better inventory investments.  

Some of the top-line and bottom-line benefits experienced by businesses through JDA Planning on Demand include improved sales, reduced cost of goods sold, increased asset throughput and decreased inventory.  

Improved supply chain performance  

As a template-based SaaS solution, JDA Planning on Demand features a standardised master data management capability with pre-built integration into enterprise resource planning (ERP) and legacy systems.  

Benefits realisation in 10-12 weeks  

JDA Planning on Demand is quickly deployed due to its delivery model, template-based dashboards and workflows, and robust reporting and analytics capabilities.  

Manufacturers can leverage the infrastructure already in place through the JDA Private Cloud, eliminating the need for hardware to be procured or installed inside the company. The solution is activated through standard data interfaces and a company-specific configuration process.  

Manufacturers can start realising supply chain improvements within 10 to 12 weeks, based on reports that analyse items such as annual operating plan and outlook, forecast waterfall, on-hand and projected end-of-quarter inventory and delivery performance, among others.  

Going beyond supply and demand planning  

JDA Planning on Demand gives manufacturers access to supply chain planning tools and analytics in a non-intrusive manner that delivers fast results by simply leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.  

In addition to supply and demand planning, the JDA Private Cloud also allows deployment of additional planning capabilities for inventory optimisation, sales and operations planning and transportation management.  

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