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Folding machine with automatic bending available from Power Machinery

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A folding machine with lengths up to 8.0m with automated up and down bending has been made available for sheetmetal processors.

LSK hydraulic folding machines, KST Range of Folders automatically bends sheetmetal in the upwards direction or the downwards direction to completely remove the requirement to manually rotate a sheet.

According to distributor Power Machinery, this is a major development in sheetmetal folding as it eliminates one major manual requirement from the handling equation.

Until now, folding reverse bends in sheetmetal have required either a manual or automated flipping of the sheet because the folds could only be done in one direction.

With the LSK machines, and operator does not need to manually flip the sheet in order to bend in the opposite direction, the LSK hydraulic folding machine has the automated capacity to do so to effectively save time and lower the risk damaging the integrity of the sheet surface, this is of particularly benefit in the roofing industry where handling long lengths are particularly difficult.

Four models are available: KST-20, KST-40, KST-60 and KST - 80, which respectively handle maximum sheet sizes of 2000 mm, 4000 mm, 6000 mm and 8000mm. Each of these can fold 1.5 mm thick S235 stainless steel.

The folding angle up/down ranges from 0 to 130°. The stroke of the backgauge is 5 -1250 mm and the hydraulic pressure at which the machine operates is 180 bar.

Respective machine weights are 4200 kg, 7400 kg and 10,600 kg. Respective widths at 3000 mm, 5000 mm and 7000 mm.

According to Power Machinery, LSK folding Machines not only handle large sheets but they can do so at a high and accurate operating speed.

Apart from automatically bending up or down, LSK units can perform open hand pressing and rounded corner profiling.

Speed of the rear backgauge is an impressive 1 metre per three seconds and the folding speed can achieve up to 40° per second. The material is gripped by the backgauge itself so the process of bending is completely automated. The operator need only load parts into machine and then stand back until the part is completed.

Yet, the machine length is quite compact at 2100mm, motor power of the respective models at 4.5 kW, 5.5 kW and 7.5 kW and the operating voltage at 415 V.

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