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Electro-pneumatic sawing machine with microprocessor from Power Machinery

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article image Electro-pneumatic sawing machine with microprocessor

Power Machinery  provides Tiger 370 SX, an electro-pneumatic vertical sawing machine in Australia, which cuts from 60° left to 45° right and employs a microprocessor to assist in controlling the semiautomatic cutting cycle.

A cutting cycle is affected through a number of automatic processes and the manual programming of particular functions; such as the regulation of the head-stroke according to the dimensions of the material to be cut. These functions are visualized by LEDs on the display panel.

The machine’s three-stage transmission system guarantees high levels of sturdiness, precision, and removal capacity, while the blade rotation, powered by a single speed engine with an electronic variator, allows the Tiger 370 SX to cut at between 15 to 150rpm.

Its saw-head moves on a double linear guide with preloaded slides and recirculating balls-crews, while the rotation shaft with preloaded thrust bearing ensuring rotational precision and stability.

A precision degree scale is engraved on the rotating table, and the sliding vice, with easy sideways movement and fast precision positioning system, extends to accommodate material, the width of the machine.

The vice is a vertical pneumatic locking type, with steel gib, anti-burr device, and a system for double locking of the stock safely secures the wide range of sections and solids the Tiger 370 SX is capable of cutting.

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