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Cybelec DNC 880 numerical control unit available from Power Machinery

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article image Cybelec DNC 880 numerical control unit

Available Australia-wide from Power Machinery , the Cybelec DNC 880 numerical control unit is perfect for upgrading existing Cybelec controlled press brakes.

Cybelec DNC 880 numerical control unit also controls up to seven axes. It can control synchronized press breaks or mechanical/ hydraulic stops, as well as upstroking or downstroking press brakes.

Simple to use, Cybelec DNC 880 is suitable for both new and experienced operators who will feel at ease with the functions, menus and interactive messages.

The Cybelec DNC 880 has been designed as a control suitable for replacing older numerical controls. All Cybelec numerical controls are specifically designed for controlling press brakes and shears for working with sheet metal, the DNC 880 is suitable for upgrading nearly all older Cybelec controls.

Ergonomically modern in design, this unit is light but robust, and in the lower section the housing has a panel ideal for incorporating additional control buttons for a safety system. All controls are directly within reach of the operator.

Software programs created for the DNC 80, 800, 900, 1200, and ModEva are also totally compatible with the DNC 880.

With a 10-inch TFT colour screen, the unit provides high-level comfort and good field of vision. A large key keyboard allows rapid data entry, even if the operator is wearing protective gloves.

Five thematic keys give immediate access to user-friendly menus, enabling the user to quickly master the machine. Just like the DNC 80, the DNC 880 has a FLASH main memory with no moving parts for high reliability.

Software updating is simple using 3.5-inch diskettes and the built-in drive. RS232 ports and a parallel printer port are also available.

Two-dimensional colour graphics software displays the bending ranges, the tools and their position in the machine. The DNC 880 controls the most complex machines with special functions.

All basic Cybelec functions are available in all versions to include management of the pressure and crowning, automatic calculation of the top dead centre, the time measurement system and the stopping distance and stop movements in accordance with PC safety standards.

Programs for the DNC 880 can also be created using the PC 1200 bending support software. The unit can easily be integrated into a computer network (Ethernet) to further improve productivity.

Creation and simulation of parts can be carried out entirely in a technical design office and the parts programs transferred while the press is in operation (in masked time).

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