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CNC band saw has four operating modes

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article image The 332 CNC FE electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machine.

POWER machinery has released to the shark 332 CNC FE electrohydraulic automatic band sawing machine with microprocessor, which can operate in automatic, semiautomatic, semiautomatic/dynamic or manual mode.

It is a CNC machine with multi microprocessor control to manage both the length of the part to be cut as well as the cutting bow itself. It is possible to obtain as many as 32 different lots on the same bar - each of different lengths and quantities.

The 332’s numerical display has 48 characters read on 16 lines to enable the operator to visualise parameters including band speed, the number of cuts programmed and carried out, band thickness, length fed in each stroke, cutting time, amperemeter, band tensioning and general diagnostics.

The unit has a digital read out displaying band tension and an automatic adaptive shearing stress control system that automatically manages the feed rate according to the cutting load.

As a safety feature the machine will automatically shut down in case the band should stop rotating or snap.

The top and bottom of position of the bow can be quickly adjusted, according to the dimensions of the material that has to be cut - this is set with a push of a button on the control panel.

The rotating table has replaceable wear strips in the cutting zone and swings easily due to the large 420mm diameter table mounted on roller bearings.

In semi-automatic cycle, the vice closes when the motor starts, the head goes down to execute the cut, the motor stops and the head returns to position - the vice then opens. Regulation of the head stroke is easily set according to dimensions of material that has to be cut.

The semi-automatic dynamic mode is a versatile feature that allows the operator to quickly bring the blade down to the material manually, then with a click of the trigger within the handle activating the semi-automatic cycle. This allows the machine to make odd cuts without the need to program any parameters.

Automatic style has multiple programming options:

* In single cycle it carries out one only program of pieces that are the same length. Once the number of cuts set has been reached the cycle stops to separate the pieces cut in that lot and an acoustic/flashing alarm is given out.

* Continuous cycle carries out all the chosen program cuts of different lengths, on the same bar, in sequence.

* Single programming carries out a cycle that is programmed directly on the display. The utility step can be used during any cycle: it carries out the face cuts in the bar and makes the first cut and then stop so that the operator may measure the piece cut.

The control display is simple, yet comprehensive. Forty characters read on 16 lines displaying technological parameters such as band speed, number of cuts programmed and carried out, band thickness, length fed in each stroke, cutting time, amperemeter, band tensioning, diagnostics and/or caution messages. The machine can be configured in multiple languages.

The unit’s feeding system operates using a screw/nut with re-circulating balls and stepper motor.

The saw has precision stops for cuts at 0°, 45°, 60° left and 45° right.

A coolant tank sits inside the steel base with two electric pumps so it can lubricate band. As an option, the machine can be fitted or retrofitted with a motorised chip evacuator.

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