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Accurate bending of long lengths

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THE introduction of the Biegemaster long-length sheetmetal bending machine has gained immediate interest from operators ranging in fields from general fabricating through to roofing specialists.

Power Machinery managing director Ken Christensen, the Biegemaster distributor in Australia, says the key to its performance is a simple to use yet powerful software allowing operators to quickly program work and avoid time-consuming marking out of jobs.

"The software, BMS Touch, is a CNC touchscreen control software that is very simple to use even for the complete novice," Mr Christensen said.

"This ease-of-use allows fast upskilling of existing operators who may not have previously used automated machinery for such bending tasks; therefore there is no need to employ an expensive software expert.

"The ability for roofing companies and fabricators to input coordinates and instantly receive accurate, digital representations of profiles on the computer screen saves material costs in trial and error.

"Not only does the software swiftly work out a bending sequence and digitally display a digital version of the finished part, it also tests the feasibility of producing the part without collisions or mistakes on the Biegemaster unit."

The DMS touch software has four main easy-to-use attributes:

Main menu screen

When the machine's power is turned on, the main menu is displayed. An operator simply touches the desired profile to select the shape needed for the job. This profile would have previously been input and stored for use as it is required.

Profile screen

When any feature of the profile is touched on screen, either line segment or arc, this easily changes the value of that profile. Any changes are shown graphically and can be viewed in the 'simulation' mode.

When the automatic button is touched, the back gauge moves to the first measurement position to begin production.

Program screen

In the program screen a new profile may be entered and identified. These profiles are also graphically displayed and can be checked in the simulation mode.

Simulation screen

The graphic display of the sequential part development is possible in the simulation mode.

All events that develop the finished parts, such as turning or flipping the material, open or closed hem, radius function etc, can be displayed and checked prior to bending.

The Biegemaster BMR is one of a range of 29 folders from 4-12m long that folds and slits metal sheets up to 1.5mm (16 gauge) thickness.

High bending accuracy is achieved through a large number of driven stands and clamping arm units made of high quality spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron, GGG 60.

"From the design point of view, architects and specifiers are using various types of sheetmetal including stainless steel all way through to tread plate to provide cover for floors, to clad walls, bench tops and roofing and other surfaces, and achieve a minimalist feature - especially when combined with glass," Mr Christensen said.

"To the fabricating end of the market, it means products such as roofing and walling are not locked into standard sizes. This is not just because long segments can now be folded; the Biegemaster allows the formation of almost any profile in sheet metal up to 3.0mm thick.

"For walling and roofing suppliers, this means they are no longer locked into standard commercial profiles but can create their own to customise for virtually any application.

"And its computer numerical controlled (CNC) touchscreen panel makes design very simple: any profile over any length can be designed by simple plotting and this becomes a very recognisable graphic on a touchscreen panel.

"This touch-screen control allows pre-loaded profiles as well as new jobs to be carried out by simply touching the profile on screen as required. Also included on the latest BMR version is hydraulic adjustment for different material thicknesses."

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