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4-head water jet cutting service available from Power Machinery

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Westlink Group has purchased Australia's 4-head water jet cutting machine to establish 4 Jet water cutting services, a strategic business unit that will provide a component cutting service for the national market and for work difficult to complete with traditional methods of cutting such as sawing, plasma or laser.

Australia’ specialised water jet cutter distributor, Power Machinery , joined Westlink Group’s official launch of the WJS NC 4030 QL attracted visitors from around Australia.

Guests witnessed the machine’s ability to cut intricate shapes in a range of material types and thicknesses with perfect edge quality and no heat distortion.

Westlink Group officially opened the event by declaring the acquisition of this high-capacity machine as a turning point for its business.

According to Westlink, it has decided to make this investment and open a new strategic business unit dedicated to water jet cutting, an area of industry which has not really been properly catered for.

Westlink can offer high-capacity contract cutting services at fast rates, the intricate components from all types of materials, even stock as demanding as 300mm stainless-steel.

Westlink regularly receives requests from all around Australia for specific, high-quality cutting of components from all sorts of materials including stainless-steel, colourbond, hardox, glass, aluminium, titanium, cardboard, wood and various other materials and in all sorts of thicknesses ranging from 2mm right up in two 300mm.

Westlink saw that nobody really facilitates this market and the acquisition of this machinery through Power Machinery has allowed us institute 4-Jet water cutting services.

Westlink believes that it is offering a service that nobody else is specifically doing and is confident that the WJS NC 4030 QL will serve the market well and expand its own business.

Power Machinery engineers installed and calibrated the unit at Westlink Group’s premises in Sunshine, in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The machine’s developer and manufacturer, is recognised as the clear leader in global water jet technology.

Although this is not the first water jet cutter to be used in Australia, this unit is believed to be the first ever 4-head unit in the country which gives Westlink Group huge production capabilities.

Each of these four heads can position themselves on the cutting beam independently: this allows the company to run optimised nesting programs with the machine automatically reconfiguring between jobs.

This allows Westlink Group to set up six different jobs and walk away knowing they will be all cut on their return.

By utilising four cutting heads, it facilitates these multiple jobs easily and significantly speeds the production time.

A large work area is also a key aspect of the unit; it has a 4m x 3m bed. On each head there is one Z-axis for height measuring purposes to avoid workpiece collisions when materials with varying heights are being processed.

There is an automatic water levelling system so cutting can be made underwater to reduce noise levels and to ensure even cleaner processes.

Also, an unlimited online sand feeding system (a cutting aggregate in the water) allows it to cut up to 20 hours during unmanned running time with all four heads in use.

An automated de-sledging system keeps the unit running efficiently. The WJS NC 4030 is powered by a 100 hp KMT high-pressure water pump, producing 60,000 psi.

The machine can cut any material up to 300mm thickness, depending on the cutting speed and surface finish.

Its water tank is a separate body from the rest of the machine. The tank being separate has the important benefit of not affecting the integrity and accuracy of the cutting frame according to the changing temperature of the water within the tank.

It has several OH&S systems to comply with Australian Standards and is also CE Norm approved.

All drives, servers and CNCs are made by Fanuc, which is well represented in Australia for technical assistance. This WJS NC 4030 has a Fanuc 300i edge cut controller.

A virtual operator interface allows the user to make simple changes on the machine after each nest.

This installation is in a tailor-made factory, not just for operator safety, but also for efficient storage and floor to floor just-in-time production.

To further enhance materials handling capability, Westlink Group installed a high-capacity overhead gantry crane for ease of movement of blanks and workpieces.

Its large format enables the principle of a divided cutting table to be put into practice, thereby creating an even more economical operation regime.

The portal construction of WJS units makes easy side-by-side cutting. The high cutting quality, even in thick materials, is due to many reasons, among these the patented construction of the cutting heads.

Westlink Group now consists of four strategic business units: Westlink Group, 4 Jet Water Cutting Services, Aztec Sheetmetal and Linelink Conveyer Systems which provide all-round solutions to fabrication and engineering needs.

Working in industries as diverse as petrochemical and food manufacturing, Westlink Group can also provide CAD drafting in product design, project management, on-site problem-solving, enclosure design, noise abatement solutions, stainless-steel and aluminium fabrication, MIG and TIG welding as well as site installation.

Its products include fume extraction ductwork systems, filtration equipment, dust extraction, vessel internals, tanks, hoppers, platforms and machine guarding, production sheetmetal, conveyor systems and many other products.

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