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Mining reeling and trailing cables from Power Flex Cables

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Power Flex Cables  offers a specialised range of mining cables designed to meet international standards and specific needs of the Australian and worldwide mining industry.

The high quality and robust mining cables include reeling and trailing cables that can be broadly used in multipurpose mining platforms, transformer stations, coal mining machines and other mining facilities for power supply.

Available for underground as well as non-underground mining applications, these cables conform to international and Australian Standards, and offer characteristics such as fire retardancy, abrasion resistance, flexibility and stable electrical performance under damp conditions.

Sourced from quality European manufacturers, the mining reeling and trailing cables from Power Flex Cables are engineered to perform in normal as well as extremely harsh conditions.

Power Flex mining cables are long-lasting and durable cables suitable for use indoors, outdoors and under the sea in normal or extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Power Flex Cables offers competitive pricing, timely response, on time delivery and expertise based on over 60 years of cable supply.

Product range:

  • Reeling and Trailing Cables 
  • Reeling and Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 1802:2003
  • Reeling and Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 2802:2000
  • Cables to AS/NZS 1972:2002
  • Type 41; Type 61 A; Type 61 B; Type 63; Type 66; Type 611; Type 66 ECC; Type 241.1; Type 7; Type 2S; Mining Cables Type 1 PVC Insulated & Covered Collectively Screened; Mining Cables Type 275
  • Mining Power Cables 2KV - 25KV (PPM) – W, Mining 90C 2KV – G, Mining 90C 2KV - G-GC, Mining 90C 2KV
  • MP-GC XLP Mine Power 90C 5KV - 15KV - MP-GC EPR, Mine Power 90C 5KV - 15KV - SHD-GC, Mining Heavy Duty 90C 2KV-25KV - SHD-PGC, Mining Heavy Duty 90C 2KV-8KV

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