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Yanmar Submersible Robot Revolutionises Net Cleaning in Fish Farms

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A submersible net cleaning robot from Power Equipment – Yanmar is revolutionising net cleaning and maintenance operations in professional fish farms in Australia.  

Clean Seas Tuna of Port Lincoln is the first Australian company to put the new Yanmar product into service.  

Clean Seas Tuna uses large nets suspended from collars, 40 metres in diameter in their fish farms. The cleaning process prior to the submersible net cleaning robot involved installing the nets followed by the subsequent hauling and removal of the fouled net.  

The fouled net would be shipped to shore and transported to their net wash and maintenance facility at Arno Bay.  

It is important to maintain the nets in clean condition at all times to ensure the health of the fish stock. Nets are fouled by weeds when kept in water for even a short period. The fouling can restrict the flow of water through the net, resulting in reduced oxygen levels within the cage and impacting fish health and growth rates.  

Net cleaning with the Yanmar submersible robot is achieved by lowering the robot into the sea cage and directing a high pressure jet stream into the net to remove the fouling.  

The Yanmar power pack on board the mothership provides the necessary electrical power as well as the high pressure and high flow pump.  

High pressure water is supplied to the submersed robot via 100 metres of high pressure hose at an incredible 1600psi @ 120lpm. The highly pressurised jet stream is directed at the net through two ceramic nozzles to remove any form of fouling present on the net.  

The robot is fitted with front and rear cameras to enable the operator to view and manage the operation on two LCD monitors from the comfort of the wheelhouse. The operator can direct the movement of the robot and the nozzles using a pair of joysticks on the remote control box.  

The Yanmar submersible net cleaning robot delivers clear benefits to the fish farming community with just one operator.  

According to Marcus Stehr, Executive Director of Marine Operations at Clean Seas Tuna, the Yanmar submersible net cleaning robot is used five days a week pressure cleaning one net every day, and delivers measurable results.  

The company has decreased the frequency of their net changing process and while they are yet to completely exploit the full capacity of the Yanmar unit, they are impressed by the capability of the robot.  

Since the submersible net cleaning robot is easy to set up and use, the nets can be cleaned anytime.  

Yanmar submersible net cleaning robot is marketed exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific by Power Equipment.  

Power Equipment is the exclusive and authorised Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Pacific distributor of Yanmar marine and industrial diesel engines.

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