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Yanmar Marine and Industrial Diesel Engines available from Power Equipment

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When the owner of a boat building company crafts a new release cruiser, commits to own the boat as a display and demonstrator boat for a full year, he also has the full gamut of the marine industry when it comes to choosing an engine.

It is significant therefore that Alan Steber selected a pair of Yanmar 6LY3-STP marine diesel engines to power Steber’s 60th anniversary new release model, the Steber 3800 Sportsfisherman.

In a glowing testimonial of the Yanmar brand, Alan Steber purchased the new electronic Yanmar models, essentially for his own boat.

According to Steber, it has used Yanmar engines and competitive brands in its Steber pleasure and commercial boats for some time. In fact it has supplied many Yanmar powered boats to the NSW Police, so Steber is conversant with the brand.

When it came time to select the power for the new Steber 3800 Sportsfisherman, Steber went through all the data and had no hesitation in purchasing a pair of Yanmar 6LY3-STP marine diesels.

Their power to weight ratio is a key factor behind their success as is the low fuel consumption figures.

The redesigned 6LY3-STP engine is a turbocharged, direct injected, intercooled, 24 valve, in-line 6 cylinder displacing 5813cm3 to produce 440mhp (324 kW) at 3300rpm. Weighing in at only 640 kilos, the 6LY3-STP delivers good power-to-weight Yanmar Diesel performance.

Yanmar’s new release is a step up from the popular 6LY series. The new 6LY3 features a new high-technology electronic control system that governs all engine operations from fuel management to twin engine synchronisation. The new 6LY3-STP achieves 9% more power and up to 10% better fuel consumption than previous models.

The intelligent electronic control system on the 6LY3-STP manages the fuel delivery system and injection timing of the high pressure fuel pump to increase torque, improve fuel economy, reduce noise at idle and particularly reduce fuel odour and white smoke at start up in cold conditions.

Moreover, the Yanmar 6LY3 series meets all of the comprehensive emissions regulations introduced in EU and US (Tier II) in 2006.

The Steber 3800 is typical of cruisers in this category in that it weighs around 9 tonnes and is destined to be used for a happy combination of offshore game fishing and extended cruising. Like all Steber production boats, this Steber 3800 is built to survey ensuring the vessel satisfies demanding needs of serious boaters.

At sea the Yanmar powered Steber returns a top speed of 33knots at wide open throttle of 3300 RPM.

Throttled back to a comfortable cruise speed of 16 knots, the Yanmar 6LY3-STP use just 21 litres of fuel per engine per hour.

With 1400 litres of fuel on board in dual 700 litre tanks the Yanmar powered Steber has a comfortable cruising range of 350 nautical miles.

According to Steber, as its anniversary showcase model and as the display boat that it is going to use at boat shows and for customer demonstrations in the coming year, it has been particular about the way in which this boat has been rigged.

Power Equipment  is the authorised Australian Distributor of Yanmar Marine and Industrial Diesel Engines importing product from Yanmar plants in Japan, Asia, USA and Europe.

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