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Redflow's eG100i diesel inverter generators from Power Equipment - Yanmar

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article image Power Equipment - Yanmar Redflow's eG100i diesel inverter generators

Brisbane based electrical storage system company, RedFlow, has chosen eG100i diesel inverter generators from Power Equipment - Yanmar , as the vital components in its remote area domestic power units.

The new powered system is already exceeding customer expectations with trials undertaken in Victoria’s bushfire affected regions along with similar trials in New Zealand’s remote ‘off-grid’ areas.

Households can enjoy free solar power whilst supplemented with Yanmar’s diesel power when domestic demands are in excess and the solar power is not available during cloudy days. Similarly, at night, Yanmar’s diesel power may have to generate all of the power required.

The split was 50/50 between solar power generated and diesel power generated using the RedFlow system during a random test week conducted in Victoria, and operated for and average rate of 3.89 hours per day with a diesel fuel consumption of 2.07 litres per hour or 8 litres per day.

The state of the art Yanmar 2TNV70 diesel engine is already Tier 3 emission compliant and according to Steve Hickey of RedFlow, the RedFlow designed Zinc-Bromine batteries used in the system have up to a 5 year life span, and the Yanmar eG100i diesel inverter generators to have up to a 10 year service life.

With a rating of up to 7.5KVA standby, The Yanmar eG100i diesel inverter generators use state of the art inverter technology. The technology allows these generators to adjust engine rpm to suit the load and in doing so can result in fuel savings of up to 40% when compared to conventional diesel generator sets.

Adding another important feature for domestic environments is noise reduction. Due to the allowed adjustment to engine rpm according to load, the engine results to run more quietly (up to 10dB(A) depending upon application) than comparative conventional units.

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