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Power Equipment ranks in Top Best Suppliers for Davey Water Products

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article image Power Equipment wins Third Place Best Supplier

Power Equipment has received the award for third best supplier with Davey Water Products. Davey Water Products rank all their suppliers with criteria including quality, delivery, cost and a rating from Davey Water’s Account Manager. With many suppliers in line, Power Equipment has made a great accomplishment with their rank.

“This is a significant achievement for both Davey and Power Equipment,” said Noel Heritage of Power Equipment.

“At Power Equipment we are very conscientious when it comes to customer relations. It is so gratifying to see that our endeavours are recognised with our customer, Davey Water products.”

Power Equipment, exclusive distributors of Yanmar Marine and Yanmar products, supplies Davey Water Products with their series of Yanmar diesel engines, which are ideal for fire fighting applications. Yanmar diesel engines are capable of delivering high pressure pumping performances in extreme operating conditions.

Many farmers, small property owners and organisatiosn like the Queensland Fire Service and the Country Fire Authority are all owners of the Yanmer powered Davey fire fighting pumps. Recently, Davey Water Products has ordered two Yanmar engines – the air cooled Yanmar L Series and the multi-cylinder TNV series.

Mark Butterfield, Project Group Manager of Power Equipment, believes their success was also partly due to their first rate relationship with Davey Water Products.

“We have worked ever more closely with the people at Davey to better understand their needs,” says Mark Butterfield, Project Group Manager at Power Equipment.

“The key to our elevation up the Davey suppliers rating I put down to talking and understanding between the both of us. Through communication Davey better understands our technical capability and they have a better handle on our delivery constraints.”

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