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JCB pump buggy delivers portable pumping

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article image Paul McKay with his JCB Pump Buggy

Mackay sugarcane farmer Paul McKay customised a mobile water pump using a JCB DieselMax 444 engine to service his 283 hectare property.

Sugarcane farming has a high demand for water and the logistics of running water through big bore pipes around a vast property to reach all areas can be difficult. Paul’s farm is set up to run hose irrigators being fed by various dams and sumps located along the drains on the farm.

Paul was using his tractor to power the pumps but it was not only tying up an expensive piece of capital equipment for days on end, it was also a pretty big engine to be driving a relatively small pump. The biggest issue was that the tractor began to experience overheating problems as well.

Realising that he needed a portable pump system, he conceptualised the JCB Pump Buggy featuring a DieselMax diesel engine.

He required a portable pump, and a hard hose or winch, which could be taken to the water source and hooked up to the hose irrigators. Reliability was a major factor in the design since the system needed to run unattended, often for 16 hours at a time. Economy in price as well as operation was another requirement.

Local water agent Jeff Roberts recommended the JCB DieselMax 444 diesel engine, a 4-cylinder, 4.4 litre powerhouse boasting 4 valves per cylinder with high torque at low speeds. The DieselMax model operated by Paul Mckay is rated at 89kW at 2200 rpm and is one of the very finest engines in its class on the market, supplied complete with a market leading warranty policy, and offering quiet operation as well as fuel economy.

A Power Equipment ‘Engine Protection System’ was also supplied in the package, providing essential engine safeguards and featuring an external emergency stop button for added safety.

Paul McKay had a local engineering company design and install his JCB DieselMax to his purpose built pump buggy. The JCB Pump Buggy comprises a substantial skid style base, dual axles with industrial tyres, hinged drawbar and a canopy for protection. With the JCB engine direct coupled to a Southern Cross centrifugal pump, the JCB Pump Buggy has the design capacity to pump up to 300 litres of water per second.

The JCB Pump Buggy is towed to the relevant dam or sump where a portable diesel fuel tank is parked alongside, a water hose is connected to the inlet side of the pump and then dropped into the dam. On the outflow side of the pump, a hose is then connected to a hydrant or hose irrigator and the JCB DieselMax started for the water to flow.

Paul McKay has been running the JCB Pump Buggy for two years now with zero problems. It operates at an easy 1500 rpm for stints of about 16 hours. The fuel consumption is excellent at just 8 litres an hour.

Paul is now considering a second unit as a backup pump to be used at locations where they have electric pumps, during power failures.

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