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Dingo Celebrates 30 Years and acknowledges Yanmar diesel engines in success formula

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article image Dingo power their mini diggers with Yanmar TNV Series diesel engines

Dingo Australia is about as iconic as an Aussie work product can be, and this year the Dalby headquartered company is celebrating 30 years of success in the mini digger and mini excavator industry.

Established in 1981, the fundamental concept of the original Dingo was to design and produce a hydraulic wheel barrow. At the start the power source was a single cylinder, 10hp petrol engine, however by the mid 1990's Yanmar's had brought the power of their robust diesel engines to the party.

Now, 30 years after their entrance into the digging and excavation market, the concept of the Dingo mini digger remains the same, but the technology is vastly different.

Yanmar TNV series diesel engines, both the 3TNV70 and 3TNV76 power the majority of the Dingo mini digger and mini excavator range, so much so that the Dingo chassis is specifically designed around the physical size and configuration of the Yanmar TNV.

“Originally we used Yanmar’s L Series air cooled engines for the Dingo units headed to the mines,” says Dingo Australia Managing Director, Gary Briggs.

“Now the Yanmar TNV is the mainstay of our product range. The Dingo K9-3, K9-4 and K9-5 models now all use Yanmar TNV diesel engines as standard equipment, and after almost 20 years of specifying and installing Yanmar engines, I couldn’t be happier,” he adds.

Boasting that his Yanmar diesel engines never break down, are very good in terms of power, reliability and durability, and warranty claims on them are nonexistent, Briggs is pleased to have such problem free engines as a key component of Dingo mini diggers and excavators.

Yanmar produces a special build of diesel engine specifically for Dingo mini excavators, with a unique set of specifications to suit the Dingo Australia's requirements. The fan, radiator, exhaust and alternator are all modified for the Dingo application, however the core Yanmar TNV mechanicals remain true to Yanmar’s specifications.

The relationship between Dingo Australia and Yanmar is rock solid with people from Dingo Australia regularly attending Australian Yanmar diesel engine supplier, Power Equipment's service briefings, and even on occasion visiting the Yanmar diesel engine production line in Japan.

And, despite Dalby being somewhat of a remote location, Dingo Australia receive regular shipments of Yanmar diesel engines and parts like clockwork, and whenever there is a need for sales or technical support it is soon available right on Dingo Australia's doorstep.

When the Dingo was first launched it was little more than a mini loader; a sturdy workhorse with a bucket. These days the Dingo mini digger and excavator is sold with a bucket, as well as string of accessory attachments to make it a versatile earthmoving solution.

Power Equipment is the exclusive and authorised Australian distributor of Yanmar diesel engines.

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