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Case Study: Yanmar diesel engine powering heavy duty agriculture

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article image Steve Barbeler

Steve Barbeler, a cane farmer just outside of Mackay in far north Queensland continues to be impressed with the powerhouse performance of his Yanmar 3TNV82 diesel engine even after four years.

Having owned and operated the Yanmar 3TNV82 diesel engine for four years, he is still amazed about the diesel engine’s ability to operate without a break and without faltering. The Yanmar is fitted to a big lateral irrigator, and is run for seven days straight during the dry season, equating to 168 hours at 1500 rpm. Steve is also impressed with its fuel efficiency as it only uses two litres of fuel an hour.

Steve’s linear irrigator is 300m long and is designed to run up one side of a 90-hectare paddock, pivot around 180 degrees and make the run back down the other side.

With the irrigator programmed to dump 40mm of water on the cane crop, it takes 3½ days to run up one side of the block, 40 minutes to run the irrigator through the 180-degree spin-around and another 3½ days back down the other side of the paddock to the start.

The Yanmar 3TNV82 is coupled to a 10 kVA gen set, with the complete self-contained package housed on the irrigator. The Yanmar diesel engine powers the gen set, which delivers the electrical power to the irrigator. Individual electric motors drive the wheels of the irrigator. The engine is connected to a 150-litre fuel tank.

According to Steve, the engine has clocked up 1500 hours over the last four years, and apart from a vee drive belt, and the usual servicing every 250 hours, the Yanmar engine has not required any maintenance.

A Power Equipment Engine Protection System is also fitted to protect the Yanmar 3TNV82 diesel engine, providing essential engine safeguards for automatic shutdown and also featuring an external emergency stop button for added safety.

The Yanmar 3TNV82 used by Steve Barbeler is a three cylinder, water cooled industrial diesel engine, complete with a radiator to flywheel package and Engine Protection System. This is supplied as a complete package by Power Equipment.

In generator mode, the Yanmar 3TNV82 develops 14.8hp at 1500 rpm, has a 1331 cc displacement and weighs just 111kg dry. The water cooled engine greatly assists in keeping the noise levels low. The Yanmar 3TNV82 has a service interval of 250 hours, when the filters are replaced and oil changed.

Steve Barbeler is so happy with his Yanmar 3TNV82 engine that he will not hesitate to buy another Yanmar engine for his farm.

Power Equipment is the exclusive and authorised Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Pacific distributor of Yanmar marine and industrial diesel engines, JCB DieselMax, MASE diesel marine generators, Gori high quality folding sailboat propellers, PSS shaft seals and Northern Lights gen sets.

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