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Speed Drives and Soft Starters from Power Electronics Australia

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The other products from Power Electronics Australia include SD450 series and SD700 series speed drivers apart from V2 and V5 series soft starters.

The SD 450 series with re rating and a sensorless vector, can be integrated into other control systems. It offers control of speed and torque and also has features like removable keypad, LCD display, NTC input motor, on board PID control, optional dynamic brake, lead pump control with sleep, wake and duty cycle functions.

The SD700 series is a high speed drive with a remote mountable keypad, position control, pump control macro, fault log, real time clock, USB 2.1 port. This product gives increased flexibility with graphical touch screen, additional I/O cards, fibre optics board, dynamic brake control, power PLC and dual encoder card.

The V2 and V5 soft starters provide smooth start, stop actions in pumps, conveyors, compressors, shakers, crushers. Starter diagnostics like acceleration time, deceleration time, current limit and starter protection features like underload, phase imbalance are available in the two models.

The V5 series in addition also has user feedback by an LCD display, programmable start and stop functions, wide sub board options, water hammer prevention, DC injection braking and slip ring function for starting of the motor.

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