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SD450 variable speed drives from Power Electronics Australia

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SD450 variable speed drives from Power Electronics Australia are suitable for many industrial applications. For example, they are often employed in pumping stations to change the rotational speed of pump impellers or to modify the characteristics of the pump curve. In this setting, SD450 variable speed drives actually allow for the control of as many as five pumps simultaneously.

SD450 variable speed drives can also be found in ventilation and cooling systems and in tooling machines in many industrial contexts. They are used in mining, ceramic, cement, paper, sugar, water treatment plants, material handling and conveyors.

Features of SD450 variable speed drives:

  • Duplicate parameter setting warning
  • Modified parameter display
  • Fault message display
  • Fault history with status information
  • 2 x 16 character LCD
  • Memory display to copy and paste stored data
  • Multiple control algorithms to control any system
  • With multiple methods of operation (display, PC, communications), the drive can be easily integrated into any system

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