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Carroll series of pre insulated terminals from Power Control Products

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Power Control Products  specialises in the distribution of Carroll series of cable lugs, joiners, markers, tools and cable ties. Termination products manufactured by Carroll supplied by Power Control Products include pre insulated terminals, uninsulated terminals, water proof pre insulated terminals, copper cable lugs, marine battery terminals and battery terminal accessories.

Pre insulated terminals supplied by Power Control Products are available in different colours such as red, blue and yellow colours. These terminals are supplied in four different configurations such as copper grips, vinyl grips, waterproof as well as uninsulated terminals. Copper grip terminals have been specifically designed for reliable operation in difficult circuit environments. These copper grip terminals comprise of features including copper plated body, copper sleeve, terminal barrel and colour coded insulation sleeve.

Vinyl grip copper terminals distributed by Power Control Products comprise of strong vinyl insulation sleeve and suitable to be used for insulated connections. Uninsulated terminals are short wire barrels and specifically designed for irregularly shaped as well as solid stranded conductors.

Waterproof terminals from Power Control Products are specialised crimp terminals that comprise of colour coded, adhesive as well as heat shrinkable lined insulation. These terminals have been manufactured for the protection of connections from harsh environmental conditions such as wire pullout, contaminates and abrasions.

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