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Dalmec have developed a new range of higher capacity manipulators designed to solve the issues associated handling large rolls of film, paper and plastic. Operators can incline the product from eye to wall, to eye to sky at the flick of a switch, making up ending of the rolls effortless.

Innovative Pneumatic Manipulator Technology
Speed, safety and cost savings are achieved by the ability of one operator being able to handle the rolls or bobbins on their own, a task which would often take two operators when heavy rolls are being handled.
  • Can lift and incline bobbins weighing up to 500kg
  • Optional quick change jaws for different mandrel sizes
  • Anti telescoping attachments
  • Low and high controls to eliminate banding or stretching
  • Out side gripping or vacuum gripping also available
  • Column mounted, overhead fixed or overhead running options
  • Portable base plate option
The roll and bobbin manipulators are safe, quick and efficient with single person operation. These impressive machines enhance productivity and safety in the workplace, while providing uncompromised quality in construction. Posilift Pty Ltd information and contact details



Question: 16/04/13 - We can do that, it is one of our standard machines. We can offer a forkable base plate (which you can move with a forklift) to make the unit mobile. ... read more

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