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Property sourcing and buying services from Portfolio Management Services

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Portfolio Management Services  helps customers with property sourcing and buying. Portfolio Management Services has gained the knowledge and experience in identifying the potential investors. Portfolio Management Services helps in identifying the appropriate property for the investors. The purchase of property is through auction or through negotiation process.

Portfolio Management Services enables the clients to have access to an extensive range of property investment products and services that includes, management if major investment property refurbishment, commercial, residential and industry property management, property investment development projects including warehouse conversions and commercial and residential investment property buying.

Portfolio Management Services also helps in the management of major investment property refurbishments and undertake market analysis thereby providing an insight through publication of quarterly client newsletter and the like. The property investment process carried out by Portfolio Management Services consist of several steps such as consultation and property advisory, selection, buying property, allocation and transfer, investment property refurbishment, tenant search and selection and ongoing property management. All services offered by Portfolio Management Services at reasonable rates.

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