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The scope of engineering plastics is no longer just aimed at the engineer and industrial professional. Plastics have evolved into materials that are used in almost every facet of our lives. A new era in plastics development sees growth in specialist materials for use in medical applications.

PolySource Australia is constantly investigating new materials and improved ways to make products to suit clients' applications and opportunities. Coordination with our array of manufacturing and research partners around Australia and overseas provides a brilliant cross-pollination of material and design options just waiting to be explored.

 PolySource can offer an extensive range of medical grade thermoplastics that meet strict FDA requirements. Designed specifically for the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, these medical grade thermoplastics replace existing products made of stainless steel, Titanium, glass or ceramics. Thermoplastics reduce weight and are commonly more resistant to chemicals and sterilization methods, and offer resistance to high energy radiation.

 Typical Applications:

  • Dental - Instruments, grips, drilling and suction equipment, isolating parts.
  • Surgical Instruments and Supplies - Targeting devices, endoscopic equipment, surgical grips. 
  • Pharmaceutical Processing and Packaging - Slide and wear applications for dosing, filling, sealing, mixing and other production processes. 
  • Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment - Trays, centrifuges, mass spectrometers, DNA probe analysers, radiation and ultrasound equipment, X-Ray and MRI devices.
  • Biotechnology and Laboratory Equipment - Bio reactors, nozzles, adapters, caps, optics and lenses.
  • Manufacturing and Production - Cutting and Stamping Boards

 The use of specialized, medical grade thermoplastics offers the following advantages:
  • Increased Security
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Noise Reduction
  • Increased Safety
  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Production Speed

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