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PolyGrid elevated flooring panels: an industry solution from Polysource Australia

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Now available from Polysource Australia , the PolyGrid is an elevated flooring panel specially designed to meet industry demands for a secure flooring for access equipment.

One of the most demanding challenges for worker safety is the elevated platform industry. Building construction scaffolders, window cleaners, electricians, roof restorers, tree loppers, and emergency rescuers all rely on secure flooring of their access equipment.

Elevated flooring must be strong, resistant to weather, secure and provide good grip, particularly when wet. Traditionally plywood has fulfilled this role, however it only partly fulfills safety requirements. Eventually, it rots, is susceptible to slipperiness when mud is introduced, and it is heavy.

Typicall with elevated flooring panels, heaviness is the norm, however these also exceed the mandated safety limts for installation, they risk the load capacity of scaffolding, and consume more energy in moving access equipment.

Plastic panels are not new to the elevated flooring industry, however their main weakness compared to metal is increased flexibility and lower strength in structural applications.

PolyGrid is a product that offers a solution to these problems. Clever materials and design have seen an amazing increase in strength, whilst saving even more weight.

PolyGrid elevated flooring panels measure 1200mm x 400mm, and fit many standard platforms.

Featuring clever underlying rib reinforcements that act just like the arched spans on a bridge, the load capacity of PolyGrid elevated flooring panels is increased many times over, while eliminating mass.

PolyGrid elevated flooring weighs just over 4kg per panel, which is a 70% reduction on traditional weights.

Additional key features of PolyGrid elevated flooring panels include:

  • polypropylene material never rusts or rots 
  • top surface has a strong grit finish for great grip in any weather
  • panels join together in any direction
  • solid corporate colours can be produced for easy identification
  • Australian made
PolyGrid elevated flooring panels can also double as an attractive, cost effective, temporary walkway. They complement the larger Polysource Ground Mat, which can also take heavy vehicle loads, including aircraft.

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