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Advanced engineering plastics available from Polysource Australia

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article image Aluminium extrusion roller covers manufactured from advanced engineering plastics

Engineering plastics have a proven track record for excellent performance in many demanding application environments. But some applications call for performance beyond the normal parameters of Plastics.

A range of Advanced Engineering Plastics available from Polysource Australia are able to meet the challenge where general purpose thermoplastics fall short.

Advanced engineering plastics are positioned at the top of the table for plastics performance and expand the limits for use under extremely high temperatures, with excellent mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

Advanced engineering plastics also also provide resistance against high energy radiation, unmatched chemical and wear resistance and increased dielectric properties. Temperatures like 600 degrees celsius that were once thought to be outside the realm of plastics are now routine.

Chemlam Heat Belts belong to a family of flexible, non-porous PFTE (Teflon) composites that combine multi-layer PTFE films with the strength of reinforced fabric. Usually they are used as conveyor belts for grills, baking and cooling processes, cryogenic freezing, heat sealing or as non-stick liners. Chemlam laminates excel in applications where resistance to chemicals, extreme heat and sticking are demanding.

Another example of the use of advanced engineering plastics is the extrusion of Aluminium window frames. The hot Aluminium strip leaves the mould at 600 degrees celsius and moves along a row of steel rollers that are encased in high temperature Kevlar Polyaramid sleeves. The Kevlar cushioning protects the soft molten metal from marks which could spoil its appearance. The Aluminium strips are then transported sideways by Kevlar Heat Belts.

Kevlar is better known as the magic ingredient in bullet-proof vests. It just shows how seriously advanced engineering plastics deserve recognition in critical applications.

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