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Six new grades of polyolefin elastomers

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DUPONT Dow Elastomers, represented by Polymers International Australia , has announced six new grades of Engage polyolefin elastomers to be available in the second half of 2003 following startup of its new Louisiana, USA, manufacturing facility.

Several grades will provide improved soft-touch performance for flexible moulded and extruded items, particularly in consumer goods applications.

Others, specifically aimed at automotive TPO applications, offer increased versatility and excellent impact properties.

According to Richard Barker, DuPont Dow marketing manager, the new products represent a step change in performance.

“Our low density, higher viscosity and tailored molecular weight distribution capabilities are yielding next generation products that offer our customers significant property advantages and design flexibility."

The new grades have been available in developmental quantities and are expected to be commercialised rapidly following the new plant start up, Barker added.

“Customer reaction has been very positive in applications ranging from foam, TPO, tubing, extruded profiles, and footwear to wire and cable.”

The new Engage grades are primarily based on ethylene butene and include:

* ENX 7467 - 1 Melt Index, 0.863 density high performance product offering superior impact properties, aimed at TPO and polymer modification applications.

* ENX 7458 - 2.5 Melt Index, 0.863 density patented new product's broad molecular weight distribution is ideally suited for plastics modification and is aimed at large part size and/or thin-wall applications such as bumper fascia and cladding.

* ENX 7447 - 5 Melt Index, 0.865 density high flow, low-density product is designed for use in polymer modification.

* ENX 7270 - 0.8 Melt Index, 0.880 density grade designed for polymer modification provides a good cost/performance balance.

* ENX 7380 - 0.3 Melt Index, 0.870 density, 45 Mooney viscosity enhanced toughness grade with improved melt strength and higher molecular weight can serve as an extender for SEBS.

* ENR 8556 - 2 Melt Index, 0.870 density grade for extrusion applications with excellent processability and clarity, based on ethylene octene.

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