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Polyurethane bushes available from Polymac

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Polymac offers polyurethane bushes that have outstanding noise damping properties as well as offering reliable and predictable cornering.

Polyurethane bushes can be designed, engineered and manufactured to specific customer requirements. The materials used provide flexibility and durability.

For machinery that experiences abrasion issues that result in production down time, polyurethane machine parts can be used to replace the problem parts, helping to solve the problem and minimise operational costs.

Polymac supplies a selection of cast polyurethane mouldings and bushes with differing hardness and properties for use in mining and earthmoving applications.

Polymac can also manufacture and refurbish machinery parts including engine mounts and turn table wear pads.

Worn out Caterpillar engine mounts can also be refurbished using existing worn out mounts by simply replacing worn out rubber cushion with a polyurethane one.

As polyurethane is resistant to most chemicals and is moulded to maximise surface area in contact with the outer shell before being pressed into the outer, refurbished polyurethane engine mounts are expected to have an operational life three time that of their rubber counterpart.

More information on polyurethane bushes is available from Polymac.

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