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Polymac now refurbishing Caterpillar engine mounts using polyurethane materials

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Polymac are pleased to announce they can now refurbish Caterpillar engine mounts using hard wearing polyurethane materials.

Caterpillar engine mounts, and other parts, made from polyurethane materials have proven to outwear other materials, especially when abrasion is a factor.

Vastly superior to rubber, plastics and metal in many applications, polyurethane has a higher load bearing capacity than any conventional rubber, making it an ideal material for load wheels fitted to fork trucks, heavy duty couplings, metal forming pads, and shock absorbing pads just to name a few. In fact, polyurethane can be moulded into virtually any form given the correct moulds and tools are used.

Polymac refurbishes Caterpillar engine mounts using the machine's existing worn out engine mounts and replacing the worn out rubber cushion with a polyurethane one. Existing engine mounts refurbished with polyurethane have shown an increase in lifespan approximately three times that of a rubber component.

This strength and durability is achieved by several factors:

  • polyurethane is fully bonded to the inner core
  • outside of the polyurethane is moulded to maximise the surface area in contact with the outer shell prior to being pressed into the outer
  • polyurethane is inert to most chemicals including those used in the mining/earthmoving industries
  • the "play" common to rubber bushings is eliminated.

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