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Polo Citrus Australia offers range of dust suppression products

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Polo Citrus Australia  offers an inclusive range of products through which a wide range of dust control applications is covered. Dust suppression products offered by Polo Citrus Australia include Polo BDS, Polo Dust Bind, Polo Dust-Con, Polo Haulage-DC and Polo NFW Dust-Con.

Polo BDS is a crushing and screening dust suppressant. The benefits of Polo BDS include reduction of dust at the point of application and downstream, water is expanded up to hundred times, microfilm is allowed by low surface tension to keep the dust particles wet for a long time, life of surrounding equipment gets extended, has good characteristics of low temperature and requires about two litres of BDS every hour.

Polo Dust Bind is an acrylic polymer encrusting agent of high quality that has been formulated to bind and penetrate soil, limestone, coal and other particles to prevent the drift and liberation of dust.

There are various advantages of Polo Dust Bind such as it significantly reduces the requirements of water, one application gives extensive protection, does not re-emulsify after becoming dry, the equipment does not get corroded, is economical, can be easily applied by usual water spray equipment and is stable under extreme conditions.

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