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Polex high vacuum dust collection system for Research Facility

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Polex  is currently installing a turn-key mouse-cage bedding dust collection / pneumatic conveying system at The St Vincent’s Research & Biotechnology Precinct.

The project involves conveying mouse-cage bedding (droppings, urine and litter) from a feed-hopper on level 1 of the building to a cyclone pre-separator and dust collector on level 3 where the waste can be contained and hygienically disposed of.

Polex has designed and manufactured an entire dust collection / pneumatic conveying system comprising a stainless steel vibrating feed-hopper, cyclone pre-separator, high-vacuum dust collector, 7.5kW side channel blower, stainless steel high-vacuum piping linking all equipment and electric controls.

The system was first assembled and demonstrated to the client at Polex’s factory in Auburn, NSW.

Polex high-vacuum reverse-pulse dust collectors are constructed from painted 3mm and 5mm thick mild steel. The filters are made from Polypropylene to reduce moisture from the mouse urine being absorbed into the fabric. The dust collector has 24VDC solenoid pulse valves and a 24VDC electronic pulse controller. This provides increased electrical safety for service and maintenance.

Polex high vacuum dust collectors can be manufactured to suit specific space constraints. All dust collectors manufactured by Polex are of high quality.

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