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Ranger 800 HD Utility Vehicles offer Superior 4x4 Lifting and Carrying Power

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The Ranger 800 HD utility vehicles from Polaris Industries feature an 800cc, twin EFI engine designed to give 15% more power and a top speed of 85.3km/h, allowing users to tackle heavy duty jobs with ease.  

Ranger 800 HD UTVs offer an extremely high 907kg towing capacity and 680kg payload capacity.  

With a capacity of 453.6kg, the rear dump box in the utility vehicles features a self-cleaning hinge and easy, one-hand tailgate latch for convenience.  

The superior towing and payload capacities are matched with the Polaris accessory Lift & Carry system that will reduce the work time. The hydraulic Lift & Carry system lets the user move loads up to 227kg.  

Features of Ranger 800 HD utility vehicles also include: 

  • Long-travel Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) features Nivomat shocks to give exclusive self-levelling suspension
  • Shocks can automatically lift the 454kg capacity box to near its unloaded height, maximising suspension travel to 24.4cm in the front and 22.9cm in the rear with ground clearance up to 30.5cm
  • Shocks keep the ride smooth during all kinds of heavy-duty applications
  • Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) helps the user steer easily at slow speeds, adjusting as speeds increase to give the operator ultimate control and comfort
  • Polaris’ on-demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system automatically engages when more forward traction is required, reverting to 2WD automatically when AWD is no longer needed
  • Sufficient room in the vehicle to seat three people with seatbelts comfortably
  • Superior ergonomics including angled seat backs for car-like comfort, larger seating area and more leg space
  • New tilt steering and redesigned steering wheel caters for people of any height and offers up to 50% easier steering
  • Near zero bump steer to stay on course and re-orientated accelerator as well as brake pedal to reduce fatigue
  • Certified Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and new heavy-duty front-end protection
  • Headlights are inset for protection against rock chips and branches
  • Protection is provided for critical components such as radiator, coolers and front differential
  • Dedicated vehicle tie-down points and an inset tow hook cage give additional front differential protection

Performance features: 

  • 800cc twin EFI engine with 15% more horsepower
  • ROPS certified cab  
  • Power steering with variable assist
  • Heavy duty front protection
  • 46% more dash storage than competition
  • 907kg towing capacity
  • 454kg cargo capacity
  • Class-leading 681kg payload
  • 85.3km/h top speed
  • BOSS Lift & Carry system
  • Lock & Ride cargo systems

Smooth riding features: 

  • Low noise transmission makes the vehicle 30% quieter
  • Dual A-Arm suspension with fully adjustable pre-load and motion ratio
  • Highest loaded ground clearance at 29.2cm
  • Self-Leveling Suspension
  • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
  • 24.5cm front travel and 22.9cm rear travel

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