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Polaris Ranger 400 Farm Utility Vehicles for the Price of an ATV

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article image Polaris Ranger 400 Farm Utility Vehicle

Polaris Industries  is a leading US manufacturer of heavy duty farm utility vehicles.  

Polaris introduces the Ranger 400, a new line of mid-size farm utility vehicles that can tow more, carry more as well as seat two and are available for the same price as big-bore ATVs.  

More affordable than many big-bore ATVs on the market, Ranger 400 is a compact farm utility vehicle that is ideal for orchards, vineyards and acreage, also offering superior levels of comfort to the operator.  

Polaris has dominated the market for heavy duty farm utility vehicles since it released the Ranger 6X6 back in 1998.  

The company has since launched 7 big-bore utility vehicles with class-leading towing, carrying and seating capacities.  

Ranger 400 can tow and carry more than other mid-size utility vehicles while offering all the comfort and ride quality that has helped make Polaris the world’s largest off road vehicles manufacturer.  

Ranger 400 is 16cm shorter and features 8cm less width and height. In addition to the compact design, its ability for tighter turning circles made possible with Turf Mode makes it the ideal size for orchards and vineyards. Despite the smaller size, there is still plenty of room to seat two.  

Ranger 400 farm utility vehicles come with safety features such as:  

  • Certified Roll-Over Protection Structure (ROPS)
  • Optional Speedkey system enables the owner to limit the top speed to 37km/h by selecting the appropriate key for the driver

Key features of Ranger 400: 

  • Tough and versatile vehicle that tows more and carries more than competitors
  • Class-leading towing capacity of 567kg
  • Payload capacity of 453.6kg
  • Exclusive Lock & Ride Cargo System featuring a 226.8kg carrying capacity
  • 455cc high output petrol engine
  • Top speed of 64.4km
  • 29 HP engine provides plenty of power for work and leisure
  • On Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Turf Mode
  • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) delivers comfort and traction with 22.9cm of rear travel to enable 25.4cm of ground clearance
  • Long travel Macpherson strut front suspension takes the bumps easily with 20.3cm of travel
  • ROPS-certified cab
  • Optional speed limiting key system

The On-Demand AWD feature ensures the Ranger 400 can tackle muddy and rocky terrains while Turf Mode allows tighter and easier turns without tearing up grass.

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