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Polar Electronic Industries offers base station, FM broadcast and marine products

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Polar Electronic Industries  offers various types of products that include base station, FM broadcast, filter, duplexer, multicoupler, CB/mobile/portable, cables and accessories.

The products under base station include circular polarised, coaxial dipole, colinear, corner reflector antenna, discone, grid parabola, ground plane antenna, horizontal polarised, low profile, sector coverage antenna, yagi antenna, side mount folded dipoles and folded dipole internal cabling.

Products under FM broadcast include antennas and broadcasting equipment. High frequency category of products includes antenna and HF accessories. Products like bandpass filter and cavity resonators are available under filters.

DUPLEXER contains band-reject, bandpass, bandpass filter and bandpass-reject. Multicoupler category of products includes equipment like coaxial load terminations, couplers, dual directional amplifiers, monitors, receivers and transmitters / combiners.

CB/mobile/portable range includes accessories and antenna. Marine products contain equipment such as marine antenna accessories and marine mobile antenna. Products under cables and accessories include cables, low loss, connectors and adaptors, eucafast fastenings, mounting clamps, power dividers and surge arresters.

Each of the products under the different categories includes various sub products. For instance, marine mobile antenna contains HF marine antenna, citizen band, AM - FM receiving antenna VHF UHF and CMTS.

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