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Impression vibrators offered by Pneuvibe

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Pneuvibe  offers VL series of impression vibrators. There are various models of vibrators available under VL series such as Pneuvibe VL115-140 and Pneuvibe VL Series 25-87.

Pneuvibe VL115-140 is suitable for dam construction and mass pour. The vibrating poker head of the Pneuvibe VL115-140 contains the bearing-less turbine to which a tough metal tube with two handles is attached.

Inside the metal tube, there is a smaller hose which carries the compressed air supply to the turbine unit. The exhaust air having low pressure travels back up the metal tube and gets out by means of a deflector.

Pneuvibe VL115-140 can be controlled by quick release coupling and an ON/OFF valve. There are options available for Pneuvibe VL115-140 such as rubber handling hose and extra handles.

VL Series 25-87 offered by Pneuvibe is suitable for public works, general building and pre cast works.

The vibrating head of VL Series 25-87 contains twin hoses bearing fewer turbines. The twin hoses are fitted within each other and compressed air feed is carried by the internal hose to the external hose exhaust and turbine.

The head of the VL Series 25-87 is made of completely hardened steel and is available in six different sizes. VL Series 25-87 can be serviced only by removing the nose piece to replace vane.

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