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Pneutech’s solenoid valve range now includes the series 24 MAC Solenoid Valve. Solenoid valves that don’t stick; with high flow, fast response, long life, and precise repeatability.

10mm Pilot Assist Solenoid Operated 5/2 and 5/3 Solenoid Valves

Pneutech are pleased to announce the release and availability of the new 24 Series solenoid valve. These 24 Series solenoid valves incorporate a 10mm solenoid pilot operated 4 way valve. This valve utilises a new 3 way pilot which is poPneutechred by the existing "R" type solenoid that is currently used on the 33, 43, 83 and the plug-in version of the ISO-01 and ISO-02 valves. An air only return version (standard - minimum operating pressure of 25psi) and a spring return version (optional - minimum operating pressure of 35 psi) are available.

This initial release of the 24 Series Solenoid Valves is the non plug-in version available as an inline and base mount body.

Valve Specifications:
• Fluids: Compressed Air, Vacuum, Inert Gases
• Pressure Range:
• 2 Position Internal Pilot:
• Single solenoid Air Return: 25 to 120psi
• Single Solenoid Spring Return: 35psi to 120psi
• Double Solenoid: 20 to 120psi
• 2/3 Position External Pilot: Vacuum to 120psi
• 3 Position Internal Pilot: 40 to 120psi
• Lubrication: Not required
• Filtration: 40 Micron • Flow:
• Inline Valve: 0.23CV • Base Mount Valve: 0.4CV
• Coil: Class A, Continuous Duty • Voltage Range: -15% to +10% of Nominal Voltage
• PoPneutechr: 4.0W, 3.0W, 2.5W, 1.8W, 1.0W, 0.5W Configurations - Valve:
• Pressure Range - Vacuum to 120psi
• Inline Body • Base Mount Body • Non Plug In
• Single or Double Solenoid • 2 or 3 Position
 • Single or Dual Pressure
• Internal or External Pilot • CV up to 0.4
• DC Voltage (0.5W to 4.0W) Configurations - Base:
• Non Plug In
• Individual and Manifold Base (10.5mm Centres)
• Side or Bottom Ports
• Port Sizes #10/32, M5 or M7
• Inlet/Exhaust Isolator
• Cam Down Mounting Style Configurations - Circuit Bar:
• Non Plug In • 10.5mm Spacing
• Side or Bottom Ports
• Port Sizes #10/32, M5 or M7
• Internal or External Pilot 

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