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Clear acrylic manifold subplates available from Clippard minimatic

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The development of clear acrylic manifold subplates by Clippard minimatic is set to dramatically change conventional methods of pneumatic circuit assembly, particularly in the production of multiple units.

The use of acrylic results in circuits, which are light, neat and easily mounted for permanent installation. Assembly is fast and simple, the amount of piping is reduced and highly accurate connections are assured.

All inter connections between valves and controls are machined into the subplate without the need for gaskets, clamps or piping. Many small parts, fittings and tubing are no longer needed and piping errors are eliminated.

A series of standard subplates for popular uses is available through Pneumatics Direct Australia, but the great advantages of the new technology will be achieved through having subplates custom designed by Clippard for a specific circuit, especially where multiples of the same circuit are being produced.

Designed to accept Clippard modular components, each custom subplate is individually produced and, once established, the circuit’s interconnections will be identical every time. Component identification is silk screened on the subplate surface with each input, output and modular valve identified to assure correct assembly. Completed circuits can be visually inspected to confirm proper component placement.

In addition to modular control valves, the Clippard EV and ET series of electronic interface valves can also be mounted on the subplates as part of the control circuit.

The standard series of acrylic subplates offered by Clippard all incorporate the patented Clippard Octoport System to provide standard porting. The range covers simple single module circuits to more complex multi step sequencing circuits, using pneumatic control to automate machine or process cycles, including two hand non tie down control.

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