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SAF-T-LOK range of thread-locking and sealing products

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Pneumatic Products has released SAF-T-LOK range of thread-locking and sealing products in Australia.

Developed in the US from the new technology, SAF-T-LOK thread locking adhesives are designed to provide performance characteristics.

SAF-T-LOK has been the primary supplier of thread lockers to the US Space Program and the US Military, as well as leading edge industries. SAF-T-LOK anaerobic adhesives/sealants reliably lock and seal metal/plastic assemblies in a wide range of industrial applications.

SAF-T-LOK range of products are available for thread-locking, retaining, sealing (including teflon variants), gasketing and bonding.

The thread-locking products are available in a wide range of grades from low strength to high strength/permanent.

SAF-T-LOK also offers a complete line of primers, accelerators, surface conditioners and activators (as well as cleaners) to ensure ultimate performance and accelerated cure times.

Additionally, SAF-T-LOK produce a range of SAF-T-EZE anti-seize compounds to prevent galling, cold welding, rust & corrosion as well as specialised lubricating compounds for high temperature and extreme pressure applications. Teflon products are available for food/drug grade applications.

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