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PIAB P6010 range of vacuum pumps

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The PIAB P6010 range of vacuum pumps is designed for demanding environments. The pump housing is so strong that it can be used as a support. Because there are no moving parts, there is no heat generation and virtually no maintenance, thereby reducing downtime.

Powered by COAX, the P6010 reduces energy consumption by up to 25% or more in several significant ways. Powerful suction at low feed pressures is characteristic for this advanced design, resulting in a measurable decrease in energy consumption.

Additionally, performance levels are maintained during periods of fluctuating supply pressure, when other pumps lose suction capacity and may even drop parts. The P6010’s compact size is deceiving. COAX technology puts powerful suction in a small package with lower energy needs. For the ultimate in operating efficiency, control options such as PCC – PIAB Cruise Control or AVM - Automatic Vacuum Management can be integrated with the P6010.

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