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Platform Sales Australia  supply a range of Genie trailer lifts for reaching high and low places. Genie TZ 34/20 and TZ 50 trailer-mounted Z-booms have an automatic levelling system for levelling on any ground surface conditions. This results in faster setup time and allows jobs to be finished quickly. Genie trailer lifts feature simple pictograph controls and can be towed easily.

The new Genie TZ 34/20 trailer-mounted Z-boom, available from Platform Sales Australia, has been specifically designed for the trailer mounted boom market. The TZ 34/20 trailer-mounted Z-boom includes a number of features and offers a working height of 12.36 and 6.1 metres of outreach. The trailer lift is rugged and light in weight. It can be easily towed and set in a short period of time.

The Genie TZ 34/20 trailer-mounted Z-boom provides easy access to batteries and is built to provide long serviceability. Rigid chassis and outriggers of the TZ 34/20 trailer-mounted Z-boom makes it ideal for painting contractors and maintenance crews.

For flexible working range and easy mobility, Platform Sales Australia offer the Genie TZ 50 trailer lift. The trailer lift provides a working height of 17.1 and 8.89 metres of outreach. Various hitch coupler options and jockey wheels are provided for easy towing and proper positioning during the setup process. The TZ 50 trailer lift is popular among contractors and rental companies.

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