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Plastic2Go Plastic Pallets for Wine Export to China, Japan & Asia

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Australian wineries produce a wide range of excellent wines from many grape varieties and regions. Winemakers from Australia have earned international praise and respect over the years and their wines have won many international prizes.

Plastic2go has announced some special deals on export plastic pallets for the Australian wine exporters.

For export of wine to Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, Plastic2go now offers its P2G114V plastic pallet.
P2G114V is a revolutionary 1140x1140 nestable and stackable pallet, with a uniquely designed full-perimeter base. P2G114V gives exporters great savings in space in storage, at a ratio of 2:1 compared to timber pallets.

There are 38 pallets in a 2.4m stack. P2G114V can also be used to ship wine smoothly even to countries with the toughest import hygiene regulations. From time to time, Plastic2go also stocks used plastic pallets, which it sells in smaller quantities. These pallets are easy to clean and use for storing and delivering wine anywhere in Asia. Within a few months, Plastic2go will also begin producing high-quality, low-price plastic pallets right here in Australia.

These pallets will be an excellent choice for exporting wine to China, Japan and the rest of the Asian market. How does all this affect wine exporters? That’s simple. Plastic2go’s pallets are so affordable that wine exporters will be able to save money on shipping by seriously reducing treatment and quarantine costs and hassles, making wine export from Australia a whole lot cheaper and easier.

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