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Hybrid pallets available for export from Plastic2Go

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Until recently, buyers of pallets for export had two options: timber or plastic.

Timber pallet production was flexible and they were readily available in Australia.

On the other hand, their quality and strength varied, they came with splinters and made exporting to some countries impossible.

Plastic pallets, on the other hand, had all the advantages of quality, durability, cleanliness, savings on storage (nestable models) and easy export, but they had to be imported from overseas, which affected their price.

Now, there are pallets that combine the quality of plastic with the manufacturing flexibility of timber. These hybrid pallets are light and highly nestable, yet they can carry up to 1,000kg of product.

Companies exporting by air will benefit from the super light weight of these pallets, because they will their air freight will be cheaper.

Companies exporting by sea will benefit from the strength of the hybrid pallets and from the ability to save money when shipping and storing them unloaded.

Plastic2go  has announced some special deals on hybrid pallets for export, starting with the square H2GSP114, an 1140x1140 pallet, made from a tri-wall corrugated or cross-sheet laminated cardboard for extra strength and 16 plastic feet. This pallet is ideal for shipping in sea containers.

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