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Folding Liquid Bulk Containers Special from Plastic2go

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article image Foldable liquid bulk containers with a steel frame and plastic walls

Plastic2go  has announced a special sale for a limited time of used foldable plastic bulk containers (bins) suitable for liquid transport.

These bulk containers (“Pallecons”) are made from a steel frame and plastic sheet walls, making them especially strong.

For return packaging systems, they offer huge savings with a 3:1 reduction in return transport costs.

This stock of tough bulk containers can be purchased from Plastic2go for a reasonable price. 

What's great about these containers?

  • Strength & Durability – Carry up to 1,500kg dynamic load and up to 8,000kg static load
  • High Return Ratio – Take 3 times less space on return trips

For a limited time only, Plastic2go is offering special deals on these foldable bulk containers.

How does all this affect Plastic2go clients? That’s simple.

Quick clients can get their hands on these sturdy bins while stocks last. Inquiries can be sent through the company’s web site.

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