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Grey water diverter system

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article image A semi-automatic water diverter system.

GREY water is becoming an increasingly popular method of keeping gardens and lawns lush and green over the summer months, and is one of the best ways to decrease the amount of potable water used on your garden.

For many households a water tank is not an option due to its size and appearance. An alternative is harvesting grey water with the Eco-Care grey water diverter system, available from Plastic Plumbing .

This compact (1/3m3), semi-automatic system works by collecting water from a household's shower, bath, and washing machine. When the waste water is diverted into the system the pump is activated pumping the grey water to the garden and lawn.

If the system is not used over a 24-hour period, the timer automatically dumps the residual grey water.

An average family of four can save between 360 litres and 700 litres of grey water a day for garden use; this would be enough to sustain most domestic gardens while decreasing the need to use potable mains water.

The Eco-Care grey water diverter system is now eligible for a $500 government rebate in Victoria. Watermark approval license: PST20083.

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