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Plastic Fabricators WA offers safety machining and routing products

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Plastic Fabricators WA  has designed, fabricated and supplied all types of plastics including acrylic, polycarbonate, polyethylene, nylon, PVC and polypropylene for various industries. Plastic Fabricators WA supplies plastics to a wide range of industries including mining, mineral sands, timber milling, water transfer industries etc.

Water Corporation, many local and state government organizations as well as retail and commercial businesses also benefit from the wide range of plastic products offered by Plastic Fabricators WA. Tailor made plastic products are also designed and distributed to the clients of Plastic Fabricators WA.

Plastic Fabricators WA holds a team of professionals who offer assistance with design and material selection for any project. Plastic Fabricators WA also provides customized designs and sizes for most materials in stock.

Plastic Fabricators WA offers machining and routing products which includes machined components, wear strips, moulds, industrial rod tubing, flanges and sight glasses. Other range of machining and routing products from Plastic Fabricators WA include PVC, nylon, TFE, Acetal, HPPE, PP, ABS and UHMWPE.

Safety equipment supplied by Plastic Fabricators WA include PPE Station, earplug and dust mask dispensers, tape and tag dispensers, safety signs etc. Plastic Fabricators WA also distributes tag out and isolation boards, confined space cabinets or boards and safety steps.

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