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Fairmont Medical’s Disposable Telepac, manufactured by PlasPak, picks up Australian Packaging Awards

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Fairmont Medical’s Disposable Telepac, manufactured by PlasPak , has scooped both gold and silver at this year’s Australian Packaging Awards. Finding success in both the Packaging for Industry and Innovation categories respectively, the two wins recognise the Telepac as an outstanding packaging development for the medical industry.

The Telepac provides a protective sterilisation case and transportation device for medical telescopes used in hospital operating theatres. The unique patented design ensures there is no physical handling of the sterilised medical telescopes until actual use in the operating room.

Mark Verschuur, Fairmont Medical’s Managing Director says the Telepac delivers savings in time, space and money for medical telescope sterilisation, transportation and reprocessing. Prior to the Telepac, he explains, medical telescopes were stored and sterilised on a cloth wrapped, metal tray. However, the expensive and delicate telescopes required frequent repairs because they would often roll off the trays.

This was a key consideration in the development of the Telepac and has been addressed through the square shape of the head which also enables them to stack neatly. A concertina-style tube means the Telepac can be retracted to reveal the telescope and avoid contamination before use. Telescopes can be sterilised in the pack which is also 100% recyclable when ready for disposal. All in all, Verschuur says, not only is the Telepac saving hospitals thousands of dollars in repair costs each year but in general processing as well.

Verschuur says it has taken many years for this solution to make the journey from concept to fruition. This award, he says, is a real testament to the partnership between Fairmont Medical and manufacturer, PlasPak, who have worked on numerous iterations to turn the design into a production reality.

Verschuur says that, since its launch in 2007, the Telepac has been reviewed both by Fairmont Medical and PlasPak and amended several times to ensure that the product is providing the optimum result to consumers. It is currently used in the operating theatres of many prominent Australian hospitals and is now being sold in the European market.

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