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Sweet deal for ‘Greener’ packaging

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Amcor Australasia and Plantic Technologies Limited have announced an alliance to work towards the development of a new biodegradable material, which if successful, has potential to change the mainstream confectionery packaging market and provide manufacturers and retailers with a cost effective, functional and environmentally-sustainable packaging solution.

The collaboration will encompass a research program over two years and will seek to build the Intellectual Property (IP) of both companies.

Plantic will provide its patented Plantic material: a plastic created from plants, which dissolves rapidly on contact with water.

Amcor will use the Plantic material to undertake trials of the resin in a commercial packaging film operation.

Plantic Technologies’ COO Brendan Morris said: “We expect our alliance with Amcor will expand the market for Plantic resin into flexible packaging and further advance our technology.

“The market for flexible packaging is one of the largest in the world. Future commercialisation of the product will contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the dependence on petrochemical plastics and ultimately achieve a cleaner environment for future generations.”

To date, Plantic materials have been used as a rigid plastic in confectionery and biscuit trays.

Plantic’s collaboration with Amcor aims to develop a thin and durable plastic for the flexible packaging of food and confectionery, such as chocolate bar wrappers and over wrap.

Plantic is also developing its portfolio of resins to include injection moulding grades.

Amcor Research and Technology general manager Dr Michele Allan, said: “This alliance combines our state-of-the-art forensic and development capability with Plantic’s expertise in biodegradable product technology. It responds to demand from our customers for an improved biodegradable packaging solution and to consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging in a broader range of products.”

“Plantic is an international leader in the field of biodegradable plastics and therefore the logical partner for Amcor, given our leading position globally in flexible packaging,” Dr Allan added.

Plantic is an Australian innovation success and has developed out of the Federal Government’s cooperative research programs. This latest collaboration with Amcor further demonstrates the significant potential for use of Plantic materials both in Australia and overseas.

In the last three years, Plantic has completed commercial supply deals with Cadbury Schweppes, Lindt and Sprungli and Byron Bay Cookie Company.

Plantic has expanded its Melbourne facilities and has offices in the United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Since commercialisation of the company in 2002, Plantic’s revenue has grown strongly and was ranked as one of BRW’s Top Upstart companies in 2005.

Amcor is a leading global packaging manufacturer headquartered in Melbourne.

In Australia, the company produces a broad range of fibre, metal, plastic and glass packaging primarily for the food and beverage sector.

Amcor has extensive packaging research and technology capability supported by a range of strategic technical cooperation partnerships within Australia and overseas.

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