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Byron Bay cookies go ‘Green’

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BYRON BAY Cookie Company is pioneering the way in packaging that is biodegradable and sustainable.

The Byron Bay Cookie Company will be helping clean up the environment even after the last cookie crumb has been eaten.

They have introduced a new corn starch biodegradable packaging tray for their café cookies, which is produced by Australian biotechnology company Plantic Technologies .

When immersed in water the cookie tray will literally dissolve before your eyes.

“Plantic® biodegradable trays are a perfect compliment to the Byron Bay Cookie Company brand and the community we work in,” Byron Bay Cookie Company general manager Judy Davies said.

Packaging trays which are derived from petrochemical sources can take hundreds or thousands of years to degrade unlike the biodegradable Plantic® tray which will fully decompose when composted in months and will disintegrate in minutes if fully immersed in water.

“We are blessed to have our bake house in Byron Bay and there is no greater community committed to the environment than in this magnificent part of the world. Our first step in biodegradable packaging will enable us as a company to make a considerable contribution to national and global environmental protection.” Judy said.

Byron Bay Cookie Company will significantly reduce the packaging waste associated with distribution of their café cookies as they currently ship over 600,000 trays a year both nationally and internationally.

Byron Bay Cookie Company has worked closely with Plantic Technologies the developers and manufacturers of this corn starch packaging product and have undertaken extensive testing throughout the trial period.

“The trays are robust, resilient and match or exceed other plastics in terms of strength, stability, shaping characteristics and product shelf life,” Plantic Technologies CEO David MacInnes said.

Byron Bay Cookie Company uses traditional artisan baking methods to create indulgent gourmet cookies from the freshest and finest ingredients. The rich, moist cookies are crammed with chunks of rich creamy chocolate, freshly roasted nuts or plump dried fruits and are free of preservatives. “We use the best ingredients our planet can provide so we have a responsibility to protect the source of such wonderful produce,” said Davies.

Plantic Technologies was created in Australia by the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture & Packaging Science to commercialise its world first invention of producing plastic from corn in 2002.

Considered as one of the most significant advancements in packaging technology in the last decade the benefits of using the Plantic® material comes from its source – the growing of corn to make starch - which is renewable and sustainable.

Plantic® materials dissolve on contact with water and are totally biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and the environment.

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