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Metaltex adopts Planit’s Radan software

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Metaltex Australia has doubled the productivity of some of its sheet metal production processes due to the adoption of Radan CAD/CAM software from Planit.

The time taken to design and fabricate has been slashed, largely due to benefits that result from computer-aided design, plus less re-work and less materials wastage.

“As well as improving our productivity and reducing costs, the software program has allowed us to have a more rewarding relationship with our customers, who are able to see their ideas efficiently translated into a finished product,” said Sean Pieterson, son of company founder John.

From humble beginnings in 1979, Metaltex has progressed into one of Victoria’s leading boutique sheetmetal manufacturers.

The Dandenong-based engineering business fabricates products for many industries including transport, architectural, acoustic, marine, security and point of sale. Goods produced include water and fuel tanks, utility boxes, electrical cubicles, machinery guards and metal furniture.

Metaltex adopted Planit’s Radan software to design and make products on machinery that includes a laser cutter (at an external contractor) and a Strippit LVD Turrett Punch Press that punches and folds metal blanks into the desired shape.

“We previously had to prepare our designs by hand. To edit, we had to redraw. Now it’s all done on-screen, which can reduce the time spent on some jobs by up to two weeks. It also definitely reduces re-work and waste due to human error,” said Pieterson.

“We started using the Radan program at the beginning of the year, prior to delivery of our punch press. We’re fully utilising the program’s 2D design and shaping capabilities and starting to develop our 3D skills.”

“It wasn’t difficult for us to learn how to use Radan. The company Planit gave us three days training for 2D production and we picked it up straight away.”

Sean Pieterson and his brother Daniel are both qualified First Class Sheet Metal Engineers and are the company’s two licensed users of Radan software.

“Planit have been great with their training. Steve Mullens and Paul Cooper (Planit technical staff) have been coming down to see us. They are very good, very informative. We couldn’t ask for more,” Sean Pieterson said.

“Now we don’t have much need for ongoing help, although their support is still fantastic. They’ll take us through a process on the phone, or come out to visit if we need them to.”

“I would certainly recommend Radan software to sheet metal manufacturers,” he said.

A leader in the field of CAD/CAM for the sheet metal industry, Radan software programs use a range of innovative design, manufacture and production control techniques that have become synonymous with production of the industry’s components and products.

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