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Management business software from Planit at CCW Cabinet Works

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article image CCW Cabinet Works manager and founder Peter Duff

According to CCW Cabinet Works much of their growth is due to the adoption of the Manager business software from Planit that has helped to systematise their workplace procedures.

CCW Cabinet Works carry out a diverse range of fit-outs for domestic kitchens, retail centres, major hospitals, hotels and resorts and boats. CCW Cabinet Works serve a vast geographical area from Torres Strait to Airlie Beach and west to Mt Isa.

Ten years ago, manager and founder Peter Duff could not find a software program capable of managing his company, which was a typical cabinetry business where every job was different and had to be customised. Mr Duff’s business was growing and he needed a workable system so that, as the manager, he needed a complete transparency of their operations, enabling him to delegate everything.

The company had always been an early uptaker of new technology. They used a DOS-based system adapted from a builders’ estimating package. The program was then adapted into a Windows environment. According to Peter Duff, the Planit manager is now the core of CCW Cabinet Works.

The Planit Manager business software provide transparency, where everything is tracked, and all the information is available. The team can see how the jobs are moving individually and how the company functions.

For example, the purchasing department can see what the estimator has allowed for a job and can try to do better than that. Everyone is answerable, so CCW Cabinet Works never get overcharged.

The Planit Manager business software has integrated smoothly with the company’s CAD and CNC programs. Together, they provide an integrated solution that can be tailored to show exactly the level of detail that the user requires.

Planit Manager business software is an integrated business management tool and control system designed for manufacturers of all sizes. The programme accurately monitors the progress of each job or work order by material, consumption and labour tasks and times, allowing the user to plan and track scheduled start, finish, production release dates and shipping dates.

The Planit Manager business software’s planning function synchronises lead times with work order start times, schedules work orders with job tracking, provides job status and due dates and oversees job status tracking.

The Planit Manager business software easily tracks job profit progress through each job, uses a bar-code scanner facility to capture hours, and offers a range of reports including sales, win/loss, and labour costs on jobs at each work centre.

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