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Erntec uses Planit’s Radan software for its NC punching machines

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Upgrading fabrication automation is one of the more obvious challenges for specialised sheetmetal companies, but a lesser known but equally engaging need is to install the right software to simplify integration.

Melbourne-based manufacturer, Erntec, met market growth by expanding production in its precision sheetmetal department through additional NC punching technology and eventually settled on Radan as the NC machine software platform after trialling various options.

Managing Director of the company, Quintin Prince, says the important aspect of his company’s circumstance was to find the right software to ensure all integration between machines and programmers was seamless with no complications.

“Our new machine represents advancement for our sheet metal section and it was imperative to get maximum efficiency out of it,” said Prince.

“Migrating to a new software package was always going to be a challenge as our programmers were used to the one we used for many years. Initial software recommendations were cumbersome and not flexible enough for our requirements, so we kept looking for other options.”

In this precision sheetmetal section of its business, Erntec manufactures 19-inch cubicles for electrical, electronics and telecommunications industries, so accuracy/precision and fast output is a key element of its work.

Matters changed immediately when Erntec consulted software supplier Planit regarding its Radan product

World renowned in the field of CAD/CAM for the sheet metal industry, Radan software programs use a range of innovative design, manufacture and production control techniques that have become synonymous with production of industrial components and products.

Whether it is electronics/electrical, whitegoods, automotive or IT enclosure businesses, Radan applications greatly improve productivity and profits.

Now that Radan is running Erntec’s NC punching machine, information flow and product output is at an optimum.

“When we looked at Radan it immediately killed all the complication issues we had and the ongoing support we receive from Planit is making an important difference,” said Prince.

“Radan has made us more efficient and has increased the precision in our sheetmetal section where we make cabinets and racks, subracks, front panels and enclosures.

“It maximises for us a quick turnaround, high quality, competitive pricing and excellent service.”

“We are focused on providing precision products, right from the initial design process through to the finished item and Radan has helped a lot in streamlining this important part of our business.”

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