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Design, cutlist and optimising software from Planit

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Cabinet making companies are saving time and money by upgrading their design software to take advantage of automatic cutting lists and panel optimisation for the factory.  

Dick Burey Country Kitchens upgraded its software capabilities two or three years ago after previously using Planit’s software solely for design work. It’s saving at least a day on each job and can output more jobs per year.  

Based in Guyra, near Armidale in New South Wales, the company has grown from humble beginnings in Richard’s garage in 1991 to now have the capability of supplying kitchens anywhere in Australia.  

“We had previously been using paper designs, but they weren’t accurate. Although our software had 3D design capacity, we weren’t utilising it,” Richard said.  

“Since the upgrade we have a system that gives us an exact layout with improved colours, which is what our customers want. From their point of view, it’s certainly better than just giving them drawings.”  

The company had been keeping track of work on a spreadsheet rather than using a purpose-built system, so decided to upgrade that at the same time.  

“The software’s cutlist provides us with a parts list and gives each part a number. The optimiser feature of the software is a bonus for us. We can now utilise 95 per cent of our board, which is fantastic. We could optimise by hand before, but getting it right was very time-consuming.”  

The company cuts its materials using a panel saw and router.  

“Overall, the software is saving us an enormous amount of time on work that was previously done manually. Turnaround time is much quicker. We’re saving at least a day on each job and can output more jobs per year,” he said.  

“And in some ways a better product is being produced. You can see exactly how you want it.” 

For training in the upgraded capabilities, Richard and his daughter Jaimie – who operates the software – went down to Planit for a two day course. No further training has been needed since.  

Calculating his return-on-investment for the upgrade, Richard estimated that his company would have now “close to have paid for it”.   

Also enjoying the benefits of upgrading its design software is TSM Cabinets of Kings Park in Sydney’s north west.  

“I’m expanding my business and needed a cutlist to keep track of work. We do a lot of architects’ jobs, all customised, and so it’s important to have a system,” said proprietor Tim Maybury.  

“Now that we’ve got the system in place, it’s fantastic. We’re all speaking the same language. The whole process is great.”

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