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Cabinet makers Zylem use Planit’s Solid Manufacturing software

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article image Zylem Production Manager Stewart Hudson (left) with Zylem Director and Proprietor Richard Hoskin (right)

Cabinet manufacturers, Zylem of Orange, NSW, have recently adopted the Solid Manufacturing software from Planit . This has integrated many production functions that were previously performed by piecemeal software, thereby streamlining the workflow.

The Planit program is capable of handling the company’s manufacturing and provides a bill of quantities that gives Zylem a picking list, prepares a cutting list and also sets everything to production.

Before the installation of the Solid Manufacturing software, Zylem utilised software such as the 20/20, Excel spreadsheets and a materials optimising program.

The Solid Manufacturing software streamlines the connection between sales and production, reduces set up time by about 75 per cent and manages all designing and cutting operations.

Engineered solely for the woodworking industry, Planit is a screen-to-machine software. For workshops automating their businesses with CNC equipment, Planit is fully integrated with the Planit CNC centre, thereby providing a complete screen-to-machine solution that confirms all parts and part operations before sending the data to the factory.

Planit is easy to set-up for cabinet building by using joinery techniques. Based on a simple wizard, it allows the creation of set-ups, mixes various settings per job, changes from one style to another and allows saving of construction methods.

An operator can customise cabinet sizes, shapes or any construction to suit the customer's needs with the Planit software. Colours and textures can be selected for the whole room or for individual cabinets and parts. Lighting and reflections can also be controlled.

Features of the Planit software include:

  • Configured openings and interior parts
  • Placement of shelves, dividers, trays and subassemblies
  • Control of door reveals, styles, guides and other options per opening
  • Materials can be changed per job, room, cabinet or part for complete control
  • Cabinet shapes can be edited in plan view, elevation view or side view
  • Prints are made for colour or detailed line drawings
  • Instant change facilitated between various construction settings

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